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  [NEWS] - About the Statue War Rule
 2021-03-16 03:03:03   GM-01

Dear Players,

Thank you for supporting PlayROW.

This announcement is about the Statue War Rule.

We have mentioned many times about the Bot and AFK characters in the Statue War.

Statue War is about teamwork and all individual users must participate in order to take the victory.

As all users know there is a limit and users who join Statue War and not participate in the war will make allies have a tough time.

As we have announced Bot and AFK Character can be suspended, so participate in the Statue War according to the purpose of war participation.

GM will monitor the Statue War and we also receive the report through Discord

Based on the investigation result account will be suspended without warning.

*Users who enter the war in the last 5minutes of war will not apply to the above.

We recommend users seek for the buff to join the war in the last 5 minutes.

If anyone wants details about the Statue War rule please contact GM-01/GM-02 through Discord

Thank you 
Best Regard / ROW Team


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80 Berserker 31866
80 AngelElemiah 27538
80 JacK 26677
80 MEMe 26567
80 SauroN 24599
80 -K-K- 24057
80 INandoMonsterI 23938
80 Ghezz 22782
80 Mocellin 22464
80 NR13 21740
80 Zeus 19923
80 User001 19790
80 Jarviik 19095

Updated at: 2021-04-14 10:04