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  [NEWS] - Take care of me
 2021-03-31 09:03:39   GM-02

Dear Players,

We are working to promote the server and increase the player population. We are taking several actions to make this happen. Our trailer is not our first action. It is part of a set of actions that we are doing. The next actions will be done both in-game and off-game.

A new patch with many new features will bring new life and new goals to players. Some adjustments are still needed before we release the content we made for you dear players. We count on you so that together we can be better and stronger!

Some things need to be changed and we at staff would like to have your support. We decided to follow the difficult path of being a long-term server. This requires care when making some modifications.

Thank you 
Best Regard / ROW Team

80 ZIDANE 35480
80 Berserker 31866
80 AngelElemiah 27538
80 JacK 26677
80 MEMe 26567
80 SauroN 24599
80 -K-K- 24057
80 INandoMonsterI 23938
80 Ghezz 22782
80 Mocellin 22464
80 NR13 21740
80 Zeus 19923
80 User001 19790
80 Jarviik 19095

Updated at: 2021-04-14 10:04