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  NoPing - What is it?
 2021-07-02 19:07:44   GM-01

Dear Players,

Since some players have questions about NoPing.

What is NoPing?

NoPing is a high-performance latency reduction software, our multi route solutions enable maximum ping reduction, packet loss correction and even drops in connection (disconnects). NoPing works like an internet GPS, through a route calculation algorithm we deviate from all routes that have problems like lag or packet loss, and we only use the best routes to reach any game in the shortest time (ping).

How to enable the seven days trial?

To test NoPing for seven days free, just register through this link:

Does NoPing work in any game in the world?

Yes, our system works worldwide. NoPing has over 500 servers around the world, so we can offer the lowest ping to everyone.

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Check more info at and at

Thank you 
Best Regard / ROW Team

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