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Join a Guild
You are free to join any guild within the same race. Be a full guild member to get helps from other guild members.

Press [G] to enable the guild panel to display the list of guilds in an order sorted by the setting.

Select a guild in the list and click 'Apply'.

You will be a full guild member when the guildmaster approves. In the meantime, you will be temporarily approved to be a member as a 'Standby' character.

* Note: If a player was invited by a Guild Master, the player is automatically approved as a full guild member without being in a 'Standby' mode.

Create a Guild
You can create a guild and become a guildmaster to manage your own guild. (Available after completing the 'Path of Leader' quest.)

Press [Shift] and left-click on the Guild Master NPC in Tessetio for humans and Unite for ak'kans. Then, select 'Make Guild' on the popup menu.

Enter the name of the guild in the empty box and click 'Yes' to confirm and pay the guild setup cost.

Check the following table for required fame and gold to increase the number of guild members.
Number of MembersRequired FameRequired Gold

Press [G] to enable the guild panel and sort the list by My Guild to see your guild.

Now recruit other players through the player interfaction menu (Press 'Shift' and left-click on a player).
* Note: Guild creating available after completing the 'Path of Leader' quest

Make a Guild Chest
Make your guild identifiable to others. (Available for Guild Master only)

Create a folder in your game directory named \GuildBMP.
Create a emblem in bitmap format (.bmp) with size 18 x 12 pixels in 24 bits color depth and place the emblem in GuildBMP folder.

Press [G] to enable the guild panel and deposit 5 million gold in your Guild Safe under the Admin tab. Click 'Change' located next to the mark on the guild panel.

Confirmation box will appear and click 'Yes' to proceed.

Change guild crest panel will appear. Select the guild emblem image inside GuildBMP folder and click 'OK'.

Check your registered emblem under the Info tab.

* Note: Make sure you've got the right image, because every change to the emblem, no matter how minor, will cost you 5 million gold.
90 HappyFive 505000
90 ZidaNe 188771
90 KnaliaMonster 166461
90 Porcelain 152781
90 KowaLL 150042
90 TyraaeL 129796
90 Conan 125886
90 SSDD 121223
90 lpPo 111309
90 Phenomenon 110500
90 Mocellin 107453
90 Conflictus 105820
90 hoLLin 105257
90 TerorDasArabia 104415
90 HellBoy 103806

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